Friday, April 13, 2012

thanks for sharing tapi kan..quite over lah korang..erhmmm

wow.berhabok sungguh belog ai nih. dah lame tak hapdet bajetnye bizi. ahha bizilah sangat=.="
last week ai attended a talk. how to manage our stress. pheww... no work doesnt have stress! klo takde stress tu ai nak keje lah kt kampeni u ols..
too many thing ai learn from e talk. how to find da source, find da solution, face ol dat..n bla-bla-bla.

tapi dalam best2 talk tu terselit lah rase yg agak menyampah kt 1 2 org participant nih.. we noe u worked abroad. n u will go there again. u shared all ur experienced there but its kinda like u scared us bout working in overseas. aigooo.... not nice lah ye ahkak ahkak oi.. only suare u guys je yang bergeme dlm klas tu. meluat nye lah ai dengar.

if u said its hard to work there, too many obstacles n bla-bla-bla but why u r still flying there? why?? i dont think people will jump to sarang tebuan for working too many time right?? unless that place is nice ektuali. betol tak?? its fact it WILL be too many torn rather than roses BUT please dont so arrogant to said this N that...its so annoying lah ahkak. siyes. these people wont suite to be a sharing person. FYI, its not only u r e malaysian staff was working there, my friends oso went there for a few times. 

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